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It Tastes Like Summer

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Growing up in a sub tropical climate remains, to this day, one of the most wonderful gifts that I was given in my early years. I fell in love with light and colour while adventuring through bushy trains near my home. Many an adventure can be found when one is young, curious and hungry to work out all about life. I loved the smell of rain that hung heavily in the air on a humid summers afternoon. That crisp, clean fragrance is like nothing else I have ever know. I also loved the look of a dark, thunderous sky and the way that the thunder rolling over the hills would make me want to run and catch it. My grandmother often told me stories of thunder being the sound of my ancestors moving their furniture around in the heavens so that they could get a better look at what we were up to that day. I still smile today when I recollect her tales and think of her summer dresses and the apron that was always covered with traces of delicious treats that baked in her oven and cooled on the old fashioned wire cooling rack on the bench.

She taught me the joy of blending different things together. She was the master of making something from not very much at all and I am grateful for those lessons and for what they inspired. I have vivid childhood memories of playing outside, in the dirt and in the rain, mixing up different muddy concoctions in various earthen containers and old tins to try and make different colours out of natural ingredients that I hunted out with my younger siblings. The canopy of an enormous avocado tree was our shelter and the rain was our friend as it washed our happy experiments off our hands and out of our clothes. Thankfully those happy summers live on in my heart and those glorious, pretty concoctions are now edible! Pure Botany was born of Sunshine and Love. It is possible to have things so imprinted upon our souls as children, that we search for that same feeling as adults and that is why I am a Pure Botany Purveyor - Thanks Nan xx

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