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How to incorporate botanical powders into your morning

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The art of Pure Botany

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog. I haven't long rolled out of bed, were I really did want to stay this morning. Blanket pulled over my head and pillow firmly attached to the side of my face!! However my children have other ideas about what I need to be doing this morning so it is time to venture forth from the pillowy land of dreams and step into breakfast.

Your Breakfast matters - Don't eat boring food

Every time we nourish our bodies we have the opportunity to fuel ourselves well or fuel ourselves with whatever. I have fuelled myself with a lot of whatever over the years but those days are well and truly behind me. So what does breakfast look like in the home of a Pure Botany Purveyor?

In our home the coconut bowls come out first thing in the morning. Breakfast tastes better in a coconut bowl ..... well I think that it does! Then our blender gets fired up - Much to the disgust of our furry doggy friend (he HATES the blender) then we fill up with frozen bananas, some coconut yogurt and soy milk and then the fun starts!! Whichever powder is going into the blender tumbles on in and then we load our bowls with our creations. We top things off with nuts, seeds and fruit because love to eat the rainbow every day! This was todays effort! And yes it does look weird when I am photographing a smoothie bowl on my front lawn in the morning but thankfully the neighbours just smile and wave!

Get Inspired

Give yourself the best that you can today. After all you are worth it!!

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