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Our Story

   Pure Botany Purveyor  

Life is the most precious gift!  Nature is positively packed full of the most enchanting, brilliant, vibrant colours and flavours.  Let's face it, we only need walk out of the front door of our abodes to see the tremendous scope of the botany that surrounds us each and every day.  Pure Botany Purveyor began as an idea.  As passionate food loving people we needed a way to get more goodness in each bite. And there began our quest for answers.  


What if we could package the pure beauty of nature.  What if we could capture its goodness, colour, flavour and make it beautifully easy to use in every day recipes.  What if our morning smoothies and smoothie bowls could suddenly take on a more authentic flavour without other additives standing in the way.  What if we could eat literally eat the rainbow naturally.  Well, with Pure Botany Purveyor powders you can do just that.  

As Pure Botany Purveyor grows we will bring you wonderful, familiar flavours packaged in such a user friendly way.  Your protein balls, hot and cold beverages, breakfasts, desserts, ice creams and baked goods will never be the same again.  It only takes a little bit of imagination to be transported into a whole new world of taste! We are so glad that you are exploring the Pure Botany miniverse with us! 

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